The Best Day Ever!

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2014 CD OF THE YEAR" AWARD for best CD for kids!

"One of the Top 10 Children's Albums of 2013!" - Phil's Picks

“One of the top 5 children’s Music Cd’s of 2013” - Dear Creatives


"I love their album 'The Best Day Ever' - the vocals are humorous

and chucklesome, fantastic instrumentation and a splendid album. My niece and I continue to sing “NA! NA! NA! NA! NA!” every morning, from the song 'A Little Green ', a very catchy sing-along exquisite song. Also enjoyed the melodious bass line in 'Wonderful World'; it's very similar to South Africa's beloved Mbaqanga groove. Another fantastic song is 'School Day', loved the guitar parts and energetic drumming. Awesome sing along song for kids. Although this is a children's album, the music doesn't lack any artistic depth, 'Superhero' took me by surprise - the incredible tune opens with a superb melodicious guitar and bass riff, awesome arrangement and dazzling lyrics. Intriguing song indeed, well crafted and very radio friendly. The little baby on 'Dah Day' has an infectious laugh that would light up any ones day."

- Wouter Kellerman Grammy winning recording artist

"The Best Day Ever’ generally has a fantastic, light folksy feel to it. It’s great music coming straight up – not dressed up, very natural. There’s very good listening material with interesting twists like Sandy Shark’s voice. The elements of some modern and some traditional music blend well with some really solid basslines too. Superhero reminds me of a band I grew up listening to a lot - ‘The Police' :-). Wake up has a rocking grungy sound and that bass again; so strong with a ‘tell-it- like- it- is’ feel. Love this album!!!!"

- Ricky Key Grammy winning recording artist

"The Best Day Ever! is a great way to encourage young people

ages 3-7 to look on the bright side of life."

- Midwest Book Review

"The Best Day Ever!" is zesty fun from

Baze and His Silly Friends!”

- Kids' Home Library

"Parents will appreciate the fun lyrical themes throughout this new record.  The record kicks off with the fun Dixieland take on some of the most beloved nursery rhymes of all time in ‘Poor Mother Goose.’  

This is without a doubt one of the most original ways to present such familiar literary works."

- Phils Picks

"This album is so much fun!  With some great beats and lyrics it

will have your kids singing and bopping along!"

- As They Grow Up

“I would of loved to be a fly on the wall during rehearsals

and recording for this great CD!!”


“The Best Day Ever! barrels out of the chute in a

spirit of unabashed irresistibility”

- The IE Mommy

“The whole CD is filled with fun lyrics, great music

and subjects all kids can truly relate too.”

- Thirty Mommy

“Your Kids will be dancing around the house

for hours with this new CD!”

- My Springfield Mommy

"This is a great family-approved CD to add to

your collection, whether you are in the car or

dancing to this music in your living room!”

- A Nation Of Moms

"I really love this album. It's fun, energetic and has

a lot of rhythm!"

- Outnumbered 3 to 1

"The music is happy, energetic and imaginative.

It’s made for singing, dancing and giggling."

- Sweeps4Bloggers

“The CD is full of energy, and your kids will be too,

once they start listening!"

- A Mom After God's Heart

“My 5 year old son and my 2 year old daughter danced and

enjoyed the music from beginning to end!”

- Dayton Mom Spot

“If you're seeking a CD to sooth your tot's song supplication,

the solution may be Baze and THE BEST DAY EVER!”

- Mr Jeff2000  

"This album has everything: punchy pop, folksy themes,

slide trombones, choral creations, and rockin’ guitars and features

a dozen creative tracks featuring super cool guest artists"

- Kidindependent  

"There is no doubt that you will enjoy dancing, hopping, and singing

along with Baze and His Silly Friends "The Best Day Ever!"

- Lovingheartdesigns

"This music creates an energetic mood that children of all ages

will love.  I was bouncing around just like a child while I listened

to this CD.  The mood and energy created by this music got me

up and swinging with my grandson.

- Grandma Bonnie's Basket

This CD will have your kids jumping up & rocking to the beats.

My favorite mellower tunes were Fly & Wonderful Day. I think this

is a fun one packed with hip shakin’ good tunes for your good times!

- Dearcreatives

“Lots of fun tunes that grow on you the more you listen”

- Crap4MyKid

“Wake Up it's time to go to bed" is one of his fave songs of the week.

- PhilsPicks